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lak.lk is a 100% Sri Lankan classified website where you can buy what you want and sell what you have. You can sell no-longer-needed belongings which are most famous all over Sri Lanka or find the perfect item at a fantastic price. Fabulous deal ads are posted by people who live in your area or city or even in your own region, on lak.lk it’s fast and easy to buy and sell locally. It takes less than 2 minutes to place an ad on lak.lk which is very much user-friendly and absolutely free to all. lak.lk has a wide range of categories such as property, vehicles, electronics, health and beauty, fashion and jewellery etc. We also meticulously review all ads that are being published, to make sure the quality is up to our standards. lak.lk aim to provide excellent customer service and deliver what we call the Great Feeling!

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Our Mission

Our sole objective - to fulfil the needs and requirements of our customers and give the best services which satisfy them. lak.lk works its best to provide the most exceptional services to our clients via improved strategies. lak.lk is a classified website which works massively on the marketing field to establish on its brand with creativity. We create such integrated communication experiences which add value to the business. This value expands the market, and it develops over time. We empower our clients with reliable strategies for building their reputation and achieving the brand vision, which they envision.

Our vision

lak.lk is a classified website which has a dream of becoming the biggest marketplace in Sri Lanka. By providing the highest quality standard of customer services, we like to stay and maintain on the top of their list. We always keep their satisfaction as our highest priority and devise all the strategies considering their demands and market situation too. We believe in putting our entire strength in our work, and we assist our clients in doing so as well. lak.lk wishes to be the most prominent classified e-commerce website in Sri Lanka. We want to provide the most professional and useful services to our customers in the country. We always anticipate being on the top of the list of best-classified e-commerce website in Sri Lanka. The professionals at lak.lk are dedicating, knowledgeable and powerful enough to handle the challenges which are offered by the marketplace.

Biggest Marketplace Buys and Selling In Sri Lanka

The biggest marketplace buys and selling or buying and selling in Sri Lanka is lak.lk. It is a 100% genuine website that can buy and sell anything you want online. Buy and sell everything from brand-new to used cars, mobile phones, kitchen appliances, or even to find a best house or land in Sri Lanka, all can discover in only one place lak.lk. Top categories of buying and selling in Sri Lanka which you can easily find on lak.lk vehicles, electronics, property, home and garden and jobs in Sri Lanka. Other categories listed on the website are fashion, health and beauty, hobby, sport and kids, business and industry, pets and animals, services, education, food and agriculture respectively.

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